History & Purpose

In the winter of 2009, several young Free Will Baptists began perceiving a need: Believers need a venue from which to engage deeply with the issues that matter most to them. With this basic but simple thought, the Helwys Society Forum (HSF) was born.

This venue exists fundamentally to promote theological dialogue within the life of the Church, rooted especially within a Reformed Arminian framework. We hope to encourage a holistic approach to theological dialogue and to demonstrate that Christian thought and practice involves the whole person and has implications for every dimension of life.

HSF presently consists of six regular, as well as occasional guest contributors, who address matters relating to Christian theology, spirituality, ministry, and culture. We do this through researched essays, book reviews, biographical sketches, and interviews, which post each Monday. In our writing, we hope to be scholarly, yet personable, and formal, yet accessible.

It is our desire that these labors will prompt reflection and discussion among our readers. And we invite you to join us in this effort through your readership, reflection, and feedback.


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