The following are publications that HSF contributors have authored, edited, or contributed to:


Christopher Talbot, Remodeling Youth Ministry: A Biblical Blueprint for Ministering to Students (Nashville: Welch College Press, 2017).



J. Matthew Pinson, Matthew Steven Bracey, Matthew McAffee, and Michael A. Oliver, Sexuality, Gender, and the Church: A Christian Response in the New Cultural Landscape (Nashville: Welch College Press, 2016).



Matthew Steven Bracey and W. Jackson Watts, eds. The Promise of Arminian Theology: Essays in Honor of F. Leroy Forlines (Nashville: Randall House Academic, 2016). NEW! Scripture index downloadable here.

Contributors include Phillip T. Morgan, Jesse F. Owens, and Christopher Talbot.



Jackson Watts, Biblical Beliefs: Doctrines Believers Should Know (Wheaton: Evangelical Training Association, 2013).


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